Doesn’t warm our heart when we listen to the new.
On the way that we walk together
Our being joins the soul, Our being joins the song
Sharing our charism, let’s dream.

We are the youth of today, a new expression of change
as the clay to create a new world.
Leave the fear away, listen to your heart
Now it’s time to become a dreamer
Dare to jump high, Dare to imagine
The sky is truth when you share your life.

DARE TO DREAM, We’ll be light as the wind
DARE TO DREAM, We’re warming like the fire
Flowing in the dance of the life
We feel the Marist mission around the world.

We are light, we are salt, we are community
We are people who dream a new world
Mary will be the strength, Mary as inspiration
Of the church that raises the fly
The dance of life invites you. Are you ready?
You feel the rhythm of fraternity life.



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